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I dream in color 

its a metaphor how my voice is fire  

spiting beauty and the ugly truth

I'm mic, poet, and storyteller

everything that moves me to write

I paint 

I mix

I sculpt

I build

I create the life

I want to see in the world 


Mixed media and Spoken word artist

About the Artist

ShAy Black grew up in Greenville, South Carolina, where she continues to live with her family. She’s a professional artist specializing in mixed media paintings and sculptures. Her creative roots began with the hair industry and naturally she grew a love for the fine arts. ShAy’s style of mixing texture with her paintings to build a visual history is utilized as a technique to give depth and interest is her artwork. Textures are a direct reflection for her love of sculpting. It mimics how tool marking and natural characteristics in raw metal gives sculptures character and life. She received a BFA from Converse College majoring in sculpture and ceramics.

Artist Statement

The images I paint are based on motherhood, the female body and children. As a mother and woman, my paintings deals with issues of separation, bonding, and a lifelong struggle of guilt for being a single parent and Soldier. I paint with the intentions of recapturing tender moments like first words, first steps, first day of schools. It’s my hope that I’m able to mimic visual memories of mother and child bonding through stages of life. I want these pieces not to feel that time lost was a tragedy but triumph. 

My themes are developed through the use of acrylic paint, watercolor and metal sculptures. My ideas are thought out through sketches but the final outcome of the piece is unknown. I spend most of my time absorbing life in the form of art. Through various mediums, I want to create the ideal of love.